We offer your pre-owned designer fashion items and accessories for sale here on the Michelo Designer fashion agency website. To get started, fill in the form and if approved, we will forward you the information about what happens next and how and when you would be paid if your item sells. Please read the requirement terms and fill in the form. We usually get back to you with a decision and a copy of the full terms and conditions in 48 hours.



  1. Clothing must usually be very good condition or a collectible.
  2. Shoes condition minimum: nearly new to new condition.
  3. Handbags condition minimum: nearly new to new condition.
  4. Jewellery condition minimum: nearly new to new condition.
  5. Items should be professionally cleaned by you (the seller).
  6. Items will be displayed on our website for a minimum term of 8 weeks
  7. We will send you an estimated selling price prior to display of the item.


We are currently working at 60/40 for the sale of clothing, shoes and accessories and 50/50 for handbags, collectables and items of interest. May we remind you that you must have proof of purchase and you must verify your name and address.

We often have clients waiting for those very special items and recommend you let us know if you have an item that fits this criteria.

Louis Vuitton Handbag copy

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